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Electronic Moisture Absorber II Dehumidifier (Auto Silica Gel Electronic Recycled Device)



Electronic Moisture Absorber is used to absorb the moisture inside the air tight container and best to use in bags when traveling for days or weeks to protect your expensive camera and lenses. It has a built-in indicator window which allows monitoring of the humidity/silica’s condition. When the silica changes from blue to pink, it indicates the need for absorber regeneration.

To regenerate the absorber, simply plug-in and switch on the power for 2-3 hours until the indicator turns blue again. After 20~30mins cool down, it is ready to be use again. The silica gel has a life span of approximately 5 years. The built-in PTC heated function avoids overheating from the absorber while regenerating, ensuring maximum safety. The absorber is designed for long lasting usage and the regeneration process is 100% environmental friendly. After all, it H2O that’s being release back to the atmosphere.