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Pay via Bank Deposit

Want to pay your order via bank or online deposit?

Yes you can!

After placing your order in checkout, follow these easy steps to pay with cash or online deposit to our Metrobank account

Step 1: Deposit Payment

Deposit payment through the following bank details:

Bank Account Number: 154-3-15423850-7

Step 2: Payment Verification

Via Email:

Once payment has been deposited please email your deposit slip to service@parts.com.ph. Kindly include the following details:

  • Buyer’s name (the name used for the order)

  • Order Number

  • Amount deposited

  • IMPORTANT: Please include a picture of the cash deposit slip. If payment is made online, please include the transaction/reference number.

  • For a faster response from us, send us text message about your email to +63-9175136699. So we can be notified right away.

Via SMS/Text Message:

You may also inform us of payment made by texting us at +63-9175136699. Kindly indicate the following details in your text message:

  • Buyer’s name (the name used for the order)

  • Order Number

  • Amount deposited

  • Date & Time of transaction (indicated on the deposit slip)

  • Transaction number/reference (indicated on the deposit slip)

NOTE: Your items will be shipped the very next day after payment is made. Transactions that are not paid within 3 working days will automatically be cancelled.

IMPORTANT: We DO NOT have a REFUND or RETURN Policy. Paid orders will automatically be delivered while unpaid orders will be cancelled.

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